1. What is rent from day one?
Our tenancy agreement requires tenants to pay rent for the full rental period (weekly, 4 weeks or one month depending on who your landlord is) from the time they sign the tenancy agreement and receive the keys to their new home. This is rent from day one. We will discuss this with you when you view a property and when you sign the tenancy agreement for your new house. However, it is our policy to collect rent from day one before we hand over the keys to a house.
2. What are Applicant Groups?
There are seven new applicant groups into which each application for housing can be placed. Your application will only be in one group at any one time; however this will be reviewed if there is a change in your circumstances.
3. I had Social/Medical/Date points under the previous system. What has happened to these?
We no longer operate a points system. Your application is placed in whichever of the seven applicant groups is most appropriate to meet your particular housing need. Your date of application will stay the same while your application remains in the applicant group. This date will be taken into account when more than one note of interest is made on a particular property.
4. I had been using Home Finder because I’m looking for a home in the West of the city. How is this different?
We’ll be advertising homes and inviting people to note an interest, similar to the Homechoice system. But the new system works across the whole of Glasgow, not just the west, and we’ve introduced a range of improvements after listening to people’s feedback from Homechoice.
5. Where am I on the queue for a particular area?
You will no longer have to queue for particular areas. All our vacant properties will be advertised weekly within each applicant group. You will be able to note an interest in properties from any area. Once the weekly closing date has passed on a particular property, the property will be offered in the first instance to the applicant who has expressed an interest and has been in the applicant group the longest by date order.
6. How do I find properties to note an interest in?
All our vacant properties are advertised weekly on our website. If you have no access to the internet, you’ll still be able to see what properties are available each week by picking up a copy of our printed leaflet from one of our local housing offices. If this is not suitable, you will be able to request that a copy be sent to your current address by calling us free from a landline on 0800 479 7979. If you use a mobile it’s cheaper to call 0141 274 7979.
7. How will I note an interest in properties?
Once you are registered on the new system, you will be advised of your applicant group and your registration number.

You will need these details to note an interest. If noting an interest online, you will be asked the first time you go on to the website to set up a username and password.

Once you have a registration number you will be able to note an interest in a property advertised within your applicant group. There are 5 ways to note an interest
1. Phone
Call us free from a landline on 0800 479 7979. It’s cheaper to call 0141 274 7979 if phoning from a mobile. You can call our automated service or talk to an advisor 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
2. Online
You will note an interest at www.home-finder.org.uk from Tuesday morning until the following Monday at 8pm.
3. Local office
You can also visit your local GHA office during normal office opening hours.
4. Shop
You can drop into the GHA Shop at 173 Trongate during normal opening hours, Monday to Friday.
5. Speak to your housing officer
If you’re a GHA tenant, remember your housing officer can help you with all your enquiries - including helping you note an interest in a home.
8. Why is the system changing?
We want to give our customers more of a say when applying to us for a home, and to make sure the process for letting homes is as open and transparent as possible.
9. Where and how will I register?
If you are already registered with us, you do not need to contact us. We will write to you and advise you of which applicant group your application has been placed in. You will then be ready to note an interest in our advertised properties.

If you are not already registered with us, you need to complete a Housing Registration Form. These forms can be picked up from your local Housing Office or the GHA shop; or alternatively can be sent out to you. If you wish to have a form sent out to you, call us free from a landline on 0800 479 7979. It’s cheaper to call 0141 274 7979 if phoning from a mobile. You can call our automated service or talk to an advisor 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
10. How many notes of interest am I able to make?
You will be able to make two notes of interest per week.
11. When/how will I know if I’ve been successful?
We will contact the successful customer as soon as possible after the closing date. If you do not hear from us, and wish to know why your note of interest has been unsuccessful, you can contact your local Housing Office and they will provide you with details of the outcome of your note of interest. Alternatively, you can check on the website in your personalised results screen.
12. Will I be able to apply for any home?
Properties will be advertised on an applicant group basis. You will be able to apply for any home in the city that is advertised for your particular applicant group. Should you apply for a property outwith your applicant group, it is less likely that you will be successful in securing an offer in this way.
13. When did this new system start?
The new system started on 23 April 2013.
14. I receive Housing Benefit and this won’t be paid to me before I start the tenancy. Will I still have to pay this charge before I get the keys for the house?
Your housing officer will discuss the issue with you at the accompanied viewing and /or when you accept the offer. We will expect tenants in this situation to submit a change of circumstance claim to the housing benefit department and provide evidence of their current housing benefit entitlement before we hand over the keys. Where housing benefit is unlikely to cover your full rent, we would expect you to pay the difference from day one.
15. This is my first tenancy but I think I might be eligible for housing benefit.
If this is your first tenancy we will help you to submit a housing benefit claim. At this stage we would need some evidence that you are eligible for Housing Benefit and we will help you to assess your likely eligibility. Your Housing Officer will tell you what documents you will need beforehand and will tell you what we expect you to pay from day one of the tenancy..
16. What if I cannot afford to pay the charge upfront?
The housing officer will do an income and expenditure assessment and discuss how affordable the property is for you but generally it is a requirement of the tenancy that we receive rent from the first day of the tenancy for the full rental period before we hand over keys to a house. We will provide you with access to one of our welfare benefits advisers who may be able to identify alternative funding to help you pay the rent from day one of your tenancy.
17. I am homeless will I have to pay my rent from day one?
Your case worker will help you to submit your bid for a house and will discuss all the tenancy requirements with you at the outset. The case work team know what we expect from our tenants and we work closely together. We can also provide you with access to our welfare benefits and other advice services to make sure you get all the help you are entitled to if your bid for housing is successful.